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The sale price quoted at the end of page 5 on these details is for this Hotel + Village Shop + Owner’s House, with all building works to be completed in terms of the current planning application that was granted to us as owners on 21st February 2019. Planning Permission – official records: Click Here.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^


It should be emphasised that the Sannox Hotel is a double-depth building. What was effectively a second house mirroring the first was added to the main dwelling several decades ago to then turn it into a hotel.

The two-storey, double-depth Sannox Hotel is easily four times the physical size (area and height) of the single-storey Caberfeidh bungalow to the left or the Ramera bungalow to the right. This is important as it reflects the formidable volume of “back-to-bricks” renovation work undertaken since the end of 2018. You can study the full size of the double-depth property for sale from this next picture. Sannox Hotel is the building in the centre of this aerial photograph: compare the hotel footprint area size to the adjacent single-storey bungalows either side…

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Double Depth Building ^^^

A second house was built on the back of the first.

In total, there are 44 rooms in the Sannox Hotel.

6 of which are ensuite guest bedrooms.

Every single room of the 44 has been renovated.

This was a small coastal hotel with 3 letting bedrooms. Since 28th February 2018 when we bought the closed-down and empty Sannox Hotel, and following a major renovation in terms of the planning permission (here) it has:-

=> An increase in the number of ensuite guest bedrooms from 3 to 6.

=> The addition of a new village shop.

=> The addition of a newbuild owner’s house.

=> Addition of new staff accommodation (ensuite).

=> Plus we have elected to seek and been granted permission for four new/extra off-road parking places by bringing the front garden wall back towards the hotel by approximately 6 feet (here

=> The planning permission and renovation has included an overhaul of the tearoom and upgrade the restaurant. Also a full rewire + replumb + roof works + new double glazing throughout etc. Crucially, a new fire safety system has been installed.

Here is a photograph of the view across Sannox Bay from the hotel towards the (covid-safer) coffee and snack garden…

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

Outside garden dining area.

Due to be completely landscaped

The benches to the far (sea) side edge will be moved 6 feet nearer to the hotel and replaced with new, sheltered seating and tables for al-fresco food and beverages. Likely a style similar to the next photograph. But with safety glass on three sides to cut down for when the sea breezes are livelier than normal…

^^^ Example of Proposed Garden Dining Screens ^^^

A third safety glass screen would be installed on the seaview side.

The intention is to arrange these new outside tables in a covid-safer manner and shall enable approximately 36 open-air places for customers. The change at this area also adds a discreet (lower level) 4 extra car parking places which will be below eyesight line of vision due to the raised boundary at the hotel. In other words, the view across Sannox Bay towards the beach will be kept clear.

 ^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

Included in the planning application is the

granting of 4 extra car parking spaces.

Following this major “back-to-bricks” renovation of a beautifully located island hotel, it is now tantalisingly close to being ready for re-opening. Sadly the current owner had to relocate near a hospital with family on the mainland following a life-changing accident. The only viable way our company can ensure that Sannox Hotel will re-open soon and not be dependent upon the health of our director is to locate a suitable buyer that is motivated to take on this new adventure. So…

=> Are you the one to purchase and re-open this island hotel?

=> If yes, then you get to choose the final finishes, fittings and style.

Were we to include the works completed on each single room within this set of details it would become a brochure of 30 to 44 pages in length!

=> The closed-hotel was overdue a major restoration and required a full “back-to-bricks” effort.

The three years to date has included roof replacement/repairs, plus the rewiring, replumbing and extra sound-proofing between bedroom walls along with high specification insulation and new double glazing. To avoid an overly long sales catalogue, we have distilled what will soon be the completion of a three year restoration, into 6 straightforward pages.

All with a full range of the “before,” during” and “after” photographs. The following pages are dedicated to:-

=> 1]. The newbuilding of the owner’s house.

=> 2]. An example of a renovated guest bedroom (all ensuite).

=> 3]. An example of a fully renovated public room within the main hotel.

=> 4]. An example of the new village shop* and options to substantially enlarge to cover the whole of the north end of the island and run home delivery service.

=> 5]. Planning drawings relating to room layout and function.

=> 6]. We also include a page illustrating things to do on the island.

This Arran activity page (number 6) is fairly comprehensive. Even our shareholders who grew up on the island are unaware of some of the healthy and interesting activates on offer.

Note: *It is entirely possible to lease the new shop + post office to a separate tenant if you do not wish to run a shop. We already have prospective tenants who have made enquiries in this respect.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

This is the view across Glen Sannox Burn

across beyond that over the Clyde.

Each year many thousands of mountain climbers emerge from Glen Sannox a few paces along the road and need fed + watered + often a room to sleep in. Sannox Hotel is their first port of call.

Please note…..




For example, we will be deploying the grade of paint formulated for the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) to repaint the Sannox Hotel to a high quality and enduring standard. This will ensure Sannox Hotel looks better for longer. This is how our lighthouse buildings at Noss Head turned out…


^^^ Our Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^



We aim to have this high quality finish applied to Sannox Hotel during August 2021…

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station Repainted^^^



The specialist painters that prepped and completed the grand paintwork at our Noss Head Lighthouse Station had been booked for the exterior work on Sannox by the end of June 2021 but were delayed by events at a prioritised lighthouse station. Sometimes a higher quality solution takes a little longer.

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower Being Prepper For Repaint^^^



Our specialist painter team had an emergency callout to St Kilda, as you do (lucky blighters)…

^^^ Our Sannox Hotel Painters ^^^

Are Currently Working on St Kilda Island

A wee bit different to Arran. Especially as one of our painters lives in Kilwinning and the other in Port Glasgow where they can access Arran more easily than from St Kilda.

So these big cans of Northern Lighthouse Board specialist paint which the NLB arranged for Sannox Hotel will not be getting put onto the hotel exterior until the end of July 2021/early August 2021…

^^^ Specialist Lighthouse Paint ^^^

Formulated For The Northern Lighthouse Board

Lindly provided to Scotlsion at cost, in reciprocation for assistance rendered at Noss Head Lighthouse Tower by our company.

This is mentioned to give our readers an idea of the quality of materials utilised in this hotel restoration.




The Sannox Hotel restoration and enlargement of the building facilities is now 80% complete. This phase of the renovation during July & August 2021 includes…

=> External painting.

=> Landscaping of the hotel grounds.

=> Completion of the last parts of the newbuild owner’s house.

=> Schedule of works for fitting out the new village shop.

These items will bring the Sannox project forward to 85% completion.

The remaining 15% of fitting out work to get the hotel back open again in fully renovated condition will include the new owner’s design and specification requirements to match their style and preferences.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

Sometimes, when you are working away, even after two years and recently through the pandemic with logistic issues getting building materials onto the island and a headache from the complexity of this major restoration project, you look up.

Then view hits you like good medicine. It’s very nice living on an island. Even better when you have this to enjoy…

^^^ One of Many Views From Sannox Hotel ^^^

The island of Arran is a remarkable place to live and work. Everyone on site is very keen to see the hotel and restaurant plus new coffee shop and also a proper village shop with post office come to life and do what it is supposed to…

Be a good amenity for the north end of the island. 




These are excerpts of the plans submitted and passed that relate to the planning permission APPROVED on 21st February 2019.

These are provided for your GUIDANCE PURPOSES ONLY. Please do not scale. Please do not use these plans as any form of contract unless explicitly stated within negotiations and/or missives etc.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

^^^ Ground Floor Plan Drawing ^^^


^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

^^^ First Floor Plan Drawing ^^^




These are excerpts of the two ferry routes to the island of Arran and give prospective owners of Sannox Hotel an idea of the numbers for the busiest island in the CalMac (State-owned) ferry operator’s network…

It is worth noting in case you miss this elsewhere, that the Sannox Hotel is a short walk from where thousands of mountaineers descend from the peaks and our hotel is the first hostelry they come across.

Here are the carrying figures for the most recent years.

There is likely to be a dip in passenger/visitor numbers during 2020 because of Covid lockdowns. But bizarrely due to the “staycation” phenomenon which is already manifesting itself on the island with substantial numbers of visitors, it would appear that 2021 and 2022 will be getting back to some form of normal 800,000 Isle of Arran visitor numbers a lot quicker than anticipated. Especially as the vaccines and anti-mutant boosters appear to be taking effect.



This is not your traditional set of “sale” details. There is additional information included on a full-and-frank basis. This is because the parent company, Argyll Group Private Equity (click here) wish to help the new owners make a success of the business. Therefore a business SWOT (click here) style and protocol is adopted to help prospective buyers.

The injury to one of our directors that precipitated the sale of Sannox Hotel means he is not able at this time to run the Sannox Hotel and it would be unfair on local village members and visitors to mothball the property until the hospitals are sufficiently Covid-safe to complete the relevant surgeries. Especially as there are motivated folk who are fit, well and able to take on this interesting island hotel + shop + house venture now.

To assist, we are more than happy to complete the renovation. The hotel has no mortgage and there is ample equity funding in place, so there are various ways in which we can assist new owners. We are also able and willing to complete the renovation, or, alternatively we can adjust the price if a buyer wishes to complete the remaining 15% of works to their style and taste from their own resources. 

If you have any questions, please…

TEXT in the first instance to: 0757 2768 795.

Thank you.


Sannox Hotel + Village Shop + Owner’s House Details

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