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We will be regularly adding a lot of “before” and “after” photographs to illustrate the major renovation work at Sannox Hotel & the newbuild Bay Cottage. Pages will be linked to this central description. Please check back regularly for more details. Any questions: Click Here.


Sannox Hotel For Sale

& Bay Cottage + Sannox Shop For Sale

We bought the closed hotel at Sannox in 2018 and have given it a “back-to-bricks” rebuild and renovation. As of January 2024, 90% of the Planning Permission & Building Warrant work has been completed. 

^^ Sannox Hotel: We Had High Hopes ^^

We Still Do Have Hopes: But It Might Need To Be With You!

The aim is to open Sannox Hotel and the Ingledene Tea Rooms mid-2024 (earlier if the ferries and hospital appointments permit). For reasons that will become clear further into this page…

=> Ideally a new owner of the Sannox Hotel will project~manage the site to completion. But the current owners may decide, in the interests of getting the hotel open this year, to locate an independent contractor to complete the remaining 10% of works on Sannox Hotel. To register an interest in this work, please: click here.

The Planning Permission and Building Warrant give full permission for this work…

-> Increase the number of guest bedrooms from 3 to 6 (all ensuite).

-> Add a brand new Village Shop.

-> Add a resident staff member’s ensuite bedroom.

-> Newbuild owner’s accommodation: Bay Cottage

-> Increase parking by 4 additional spaces moving the front wall back 10 feet.

-> Add a new facility: The Ingledene Tea Room,

-> Full “back-to-bricks” renovation of the entire building. 

The buildings are being sold due to the project-managing director suffering a disabling head injury on the ferry: click here.

As a direct result, and with regret, the buildings are now for sale:-

=> The Sannox Hotel ~ £449,000.

=> Bay Cottage £189,000.

=> Convenience Store (approved) £129,000.

^^ Sannox Hotel + Bay Cottage + Village Shop ^^

Full Planning Permission & Building Warrants

90% Completed.

All with beautiful sea views across to Sannox Bay and the sandy beach. The river seen at the front of the hotel, flowing into the sea is from the magnificent Glen Sannox nearby…

^^ Sannox Hotel + Bay Cottage + Village Shop ^^

A Unique Opportunity For…

A New Year & A New Life

This current page is a short summary to assist our colleagues who will be placing details onto Rightmove.

=> There will be an additional and longer page added here, with much more information that you may desire in deciding whether a new life on the island of Arran is for you. Scheduled to be added here by third week of January 2024.

For clarification, the current owners of Sannox Hotel are determined to have their buildings at Sannox completed + re-opened + trading and providing an amenity function at some point during 2024.

=> This is because the time has come along with a realisation that the last 10% of this renovation project needs a new owner to complete the task.

Though the retiring owners can still be of some help if needed. It is just that they require to live on the east coast of the mainland with family (far from west-coast Sannox) since the accident (here).

With some irony, the current owner is one of the few people to have bought a CalMac ferry (in 2001). Twenty one years after selling the ship, in 2022 the owner of Sannox Hotel was close to buying the ferry back.

=> The idea is to run sea-tours as a facility for visitors and to base this out of Sannox Hotel

By 2024, this may still yet happen. If the new owners of the Sannox Hotel would like?

Such a facility would boost the Sannox Hotel’s business. We know this from island history going back over 40 years. The current owner of Sannox Hotel was brought up in the next village, Corrie at Blackrock House Hotel in the 1970s. Back then the extra boat facilities offered at Blackrock House Hotel boosted business by 10% to 30% each year! The same was to be, and still can be tested out at Sannox Hotel: if the new owners of Sannox Hotel desire? Please note, that the ship is not included with the hotel (unless you would like). The process is for the sea-tours to be run by retired merchant naval personnel, much like the charity born from the same keyboard typing these very words about Sannox Hotel (charity birth certificates: click here). The candidate vessel for “Arran”, or “Sannox Sea Tours” is the former MV Lochmor…

^^ Former MV Lochmor: After The Major Refit ^^

We Have Been Looking To Buy Back Our Old Favourite!

This vessel would make an interesting

sea-tours facility based from Sannox Hotel.

^^ Sannox Hotel May Yet Have Extra Facilities ^^

The current owner of the hotel is having to retire on health ground.

But he can still arrange a ship purchase and has an

extensive diary of Merchant Navy sea crew to call upon.

^ Sannox Hotel ^^

Beautiful Location.

Redolent With Opportunity

For A New Life.

The new owner may wish to operate the hotel + shop themselves. Or they might prefer to live onsite with someone to manage the hotel and another person to lease the shop, providing them with a passive income and a wonderful style of life.

Thereby having plenty of time to explore the island…

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A Lot More To Come

Please check back regularly for updates.

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