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One of our team is usually handcuffed to the mobile phone...

Text us on our 24~hour~per~day facility (this answering service is shared amongst our crew so as to avoid volunteer and/or employee burnout)…


0757 2768 795

Texts are the most reliable at 98% delivery. This is a special number provided for fastest, 24~hours~per~day service. Replies are targeted to be sent to you within 1 to 6 hours depending on reception and system coverage...

You are also welcome to telephone on the landline…


01241 852127

UK (0) 1241 852127




You can email. We don’t publish email addresses on our websites as these are used to be hoovered up by spam robots and lead to an avalanche of junk mail. It may be worth removing email addresses from your own websites to avoid this electronic plague…

All you need to do is telephone or text for the email address. A bit of a hassle, but it saves EMAIL OVERLOAD.

That is presuming the emails get through the internet…

Here at Argyll Group + Scotslion + Unique Property Bulletin, our email traffic used to be less than 50 a day (in 2012). By last month (July 2023) it averaged 203 per DAY. Yours may be on the rise too. A change is definitely coming with email systems worldwide. When working out a fair and work/life balanced way to provide a 24-hour facility (at the top of this page) we were highly cognisant of this important work: here.

Our regular average of 203 emails a day can go to 400 emails a day; that is 2,800 a week and 145,600 emails a year for example: each time Russian President Putin or former Russian President Medvedev announces nuclear threats and we get an avalanche of folk wanting to buy nuclear bunkers from one of our websites: Click Here.


Or secure communications via…


For the safest form of communication so far, we do have a private and dedicated WhatsApp service. You will need to call our landline, 01241 852127 to be joined onto this service as we do not publish the number on any of our websites (to stop the automated spam-robots from hoovering up mobile numbers)…





Last but not least, Postman Pat and old fashioned Royal Mail…

Scotslion Ltd., or Argyll Group Ltd.,

Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, UK. DD11 1JP.


Post Script….


Just add your email address to the annoying “pop-up” box that appears on our websites (sorry). If the pop-up box is having a shy time and does not appear, you can always secure: “News Updates by Email” by…

Texting us your favourite

type of unique property and

your email address to us on…

0757 2768 795

We will then manually add you onto our courtesy update news alerts for unique property.


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