Pirates Cove at Noss Head Lighthouse: £15,000

For Sale £15,000

Building Plot 12 at Pirates Cove

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

This substantial inlet and surrounding land marked as “Plot 12” provides a significant amount of protection from the elements as opposed to sea-facing cliffs in front of the main lighthouse tower. Maybe some interesting newbuild house mischief to be had…

Building A Cliff House Perhaps?

^^ Pirates Cove ^^

^^ Plot 12: Spare Land & Cliffs ^^

At Noss Head Lighthouse Station,

Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT.

The protection afforded by the inlet may, subject to appropriate specialist advice and consents, yield a newbuild house that ir truly unique…

^^ Cliff Houses Are Becoming Popular ^^

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The Construction is Technically Challenging

Given the occasional storm, the new owner of this unique piece of land plus the cliff that are included may wish for a home that is more substantial…

^^ Plot 12: Spare Land & Cliffs ^^

^^ Your Design Would Need To Be Solid ^^

This piece of spare land that we own up at Noss Head Lighthouse Station has some value. But what?

We have decided to opt for a nominal, low guide so that this genuinely unique piece of land can still be utilised for purely recreational purposes: whale-watching, wildlife observation etc.

^^ Puffins Seem To Like Noss Head Lighthouse ^^

They Are Regular Visitors & Full of Character.

This is what we mean by a recreational guide price. In other words, for use as an enjoyable piece of land! If a planning permission is secured then that would be the icing on the cake as it is a sublime place to live.

=> What if you managed to secure planning permission to build a home here?

=> Then this land would be worth a significant amount more than the current guide price.

In our 25 year experience, the Highlands have suffered de-population due to the need for jobs “down south”.

But after the Covid pandemic, “remote working” has become fashionable, sometimes mandatory. As at 15th March 2023, we, as owners, just signed a contract allowing Open~Reach Telecom to install Optic~Fibre ultra-fast broadband alongside the old-fashioned landline systems.

=> So “remote working” is eminently possible.

You might ask: “But what about the wet weather?” That tends to be on the southern west coast. Here at the north-east there are a couple of secrets. The weather tends to be much dryer (and breezier). The daylight is ample in the summer.

=> There are 2 hours more daylight at Noss Head Lighthouse Station each day than there is in London.

Okay, the converse is true in the winter months: it is darker with the shorter daylight hours. But the positive aspect to that are the frequent visits of this awesome phenomena….

^^ The View Towards Pirates Cove ^^

^^ The Aurora Borealis Is A Frequent Visitor ^^

If you are prepared to take a chance on a securing planning permission on a “Cliff House” adventure and managed to pull this off, the values of these can be half a million pounds and more. This lot is marked “12” and includes the vertical cliffs…

^^ Plot 12: Spare Land & Cliffs ^^

^^ A Reasonable £15,000 For A Unique Project!

To give our readers an idea of what this looks like up close, this is some video we took and shows the sandy base at the foot of Pirates Cove…

^^ Sandy Floor At The Base of Pirates Cove ^^

The sea floor of Pirates Cove may be suitable for summer bathing facilities…

^^ Ideas For The Sandy Floor At Pirates Cove ^^

The owner got sunstroke at…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

and this can be a problem.

In the winter it is darker than the rest of the UK. Yes that is true, but in the winter, you frequently get the Aurora Borealis here at Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

^^ Sunrise At Pirates Cove ^^

The cliff bridge style house will require Planning Permission to build. Plus a dose of civil engineer and geological survey information. But goodness, it would likely be worth it for one of these to be your home…

^^ Pirates Cove Candidate House ^^

If you do build something akin to this, we would respectfully suggest sending an honourarium to the talented and creative Popa Vlad Andrei, the author of this visual feast of artistic designs. Another perspective of the same newbuild…

^^ Pirates Cove Candidate House ^^

For fairly obvious reasons, the design would have to be adapted to “fit” in the space that exists in real life at our lighthouse station.

For the truly determined home builder, this would be a masterpiece.

Also, in case you are wondering…

=> We have regular telephone calls from Kevin McCloud’s research team at Grand Designs asking us to propose unusual builds and eccentric builders!

So if you fancied taking part in the well known television series, just give Russ McLean a quick telephone call and he will arrange for one of the commissioning editors to give you a phone call.

We are fairly sure that the actual Grand Designs television series has not yet featured a bridge style cliff house. This is likely to contain the X Factor that they are looking for…

^^ Pirates Cove Candidate House ^^

The artist studio designers have kindly placed an interesting video of how their work is assembled. This can e seen in the short Youtube video presentation…


^^ Pirates Cove Candidate House Video ^^

We also strongly recommend you opt for a very solid constructin. Much of the year the lighthouse station where this Pirates Cove is, has beautiful weather. But occasionally in the midst of wintr, it can easterly storm can come across from Norway!

By all means include treble glazed eco-insulated windows for the magnificent views, but please also have some form of automatic protective roller-shuttering that makes the building as safe as Fort Knox (this is the USA Gold Repository: (Click Here). Also known to James Bond 007 movie fans from the franchise, Goldfinger (Here).


Own Electricity Generation

There is also the opportunity to become self-sufficient in electricity generation for your new cliff-home and never have to pay another obscenely high electricity bill again….

There is a third system that consists of a vertical tube from the base of the cliff to the top. Wave energy causes air-pressure in that vertical tube to ebb and flow with tides and waves. This can then be converted into a reverse-engineered type of steam engine (without the steam, just using air pressure to turn a wheel). Ideally that converts into a flywheel device that keeps the inertia constant and is, in turn connected to a domestic sized generator. We shall expand on this in one of our regular website updates (just add your email to the pop-up box). For now we wanted to point out the huge energy and electricity producing resource onsite.


Alternate Design Ideas

If the design we have mentioned does not suit your desired style of a  a cliff home, we have added a few videos that may help to inspire you…


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