Caber Feidh

Sannox Supermarket: Larger Retail Outlet

Sannox, Isle of Arran KA27 8JD

This is a temporary OFFSITE page to assist discussion of the potential in purchasing either ALL of the property known as Caber~Feidh, Sannox Isle of Arran (offers over £370,000) or part of the property (the vegetable/garden patch at the back). We (Sannox Bay Hotel Ltd) already have APPROVED Planning Permission (click here) to NEWBUILD a supermarket adjacent to our hotel.

^^ Caber~Feidh House ^^

Adjacent To Sannox Hotel

The reason for the “Plot A” offer was to help buyers of the main house who could not get past the £400,000 mark. It would be mutually beneficial for us (Sannox Hotel Ltd) to help find a way that is affordable for potential buyers of Caber~Feidh House to secure their purchase, whilst not losing much amenity (in the form of a relatively obscure vegetable patch at the rear of the house).

^^ Arran Homeowners Tend To Use The Front Gardens ^^

Historically the rear of coastal houses had a small annexe to allow the “big” house at the front to be rented to holidaymakers in the summer. Caber~Feidh has no extra back-house (though it does have a side-annexe).

^^ Caber~Feidh House & Sannox Hotel Next Door ^^

However, one of our former Argyll Group plc shareholders owns a significant share in a supermarket chain. She has asked if we (Russ McLean and the team at Scotslion Ltd) too arrange the purchase of Caber-Feidh.

=> Thereafter obtain planning permission to DEMOLISH Caber~Feidh House and NEWBUILD a large ground floor supermarket for the entire footprint of Caber~Feidh House AND part of SANNAIG COTTAGE footprint (following demolition of th dilapidated Sannaig Cottage).

The new Planning application will provide ample parking at the rear of the Caber~Feidh building plot, plus FOUR LAYBY parking places off-street at the front of the Caber~Feidh building plot (identical to the planning permission for four extra “layby” parking places at the front of Sannox Hotel.

The Planning Application needs to include FOUR newbuild self-contained holiday apartments on the first floor of what WAS the Caber~Feidh building footprint.

If possible, TWO additional first floor apartment to be built over the Sannox Hotel extension…


^^Sannox Hotel Before Extension ^^


^^ Sannox Hotel After Extension ^^

^^ Artist Impression ^^

Returning to the additional site that the Caber~Feidh building plot will provide…

^^ Caber~Feidh is To The Left of Sannox Hotel ^^

This will then become ONE large site. Parking will be at the rear of the buildings.

The much larger supermarket will be in the vernacular as applied to other medium sized supermarkets on the island. Artist impression…

^^ Example of The Replacement Vernacular Front Elevation ^^

^^ To Replace Caber~Feidh ^^

We have now had the opportunity to discus this proposal with the company architect, Mr Ian Cook. Given the precedent has been set with permission for RETAIL class order being GRANTED (here), it is likely, in the balance of probabilities that a type of approval will be granted (though not guaranteed and may differ from our outline discussions).

A key to success is the ample off-street parking available at the rear of the premises (plus 4 layby parking places at the front).

^^ The Back Garden of Caber~Feidh ^^

This back garden area has been seldom used during our Scotslion/Argyll Group Private Equity Managing Director’s lifetime on Arran.

=> For the sake of transparency, this page has been put forward by the owners of Sannox Bay Hotel.

We already have FULL Planning Permission to renovate and improve Sannox Hotel (90% completed). That Planning Permission includes the establishment of a new VILLAGE SHOP.

North Ayrshire Council Planning Permission

Click Here

Following an interesting discussion with the Caber Feidh owner’s estate agent, our Managing Director promised to revert with an offer to buy Caber Feidh, if we could find a way to make this building plot fit in with our plans for the ongoing Sannox Hotel development.

Initially this was to be an offer that would be more in the range sought by the Owner: An offer over £400,000.

=> An uplift in offer amount is possible by extending the Planning Permission we already have for the new Village Shop.

The provisional offer is now being conveyed privately from ourselves to the very polite and admirably determined estate agent representing the owner of Caber~Feidh.

The indication thus far is that offers are only managing £350,000 to £360,000. Whereas the owner of Caber~Feidh is holding out for an offer over the £400,000 mark.

^^ The Back Garden of Caber Feidh ^^

Plot “A” Would help the

New Village Shop

Secure some extra storage space.

The main feature of Caber~Feidh House is, of course the tremendous sea views at the front of the building. The beautiful front garden at Caber~Feidh across Sannox Bay to the sandy beach are a very good selling feature. The front is large and also raised so that passing cars do not interrupt the views.

^^ Caber Feidh Front Garden & Sea Views ^^

Notice the front garden gradient raise

at the nearest part of Sannox Bay beach.

This helps avoid cars interrupting the views.

Uniquely, when a residential property acquires a partial commercial planning permission, there is often an UPLIFT in value.

^^ Caber~Feidh House ^^

Especially because of this uncomfortable, inexorable point raised by one buyer…

Source: Click Here

At this time, we are keen to assist our shareholder. 

=> This is because the north end of Arran has lost a lot of shops, wheras the south end of the island has dozens upon dozens of shops.

We have considered this and included that in the private communications. Though, it seems a shame to demolish a good building such as Caber~Feidh when all that is needed is some insulation and a fairly routine rewire.

^^ Sannox Village, Island of Arran ^^

Please note, these photos are copyright of the estate agency selling Caber~Feidh.

This latest development (May 2023) has been somewhat unexpected, but represents a new way to ensure the north end of Arran has sufficient retail capacity to meet it’s demographic needs.

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