Balado Plot 17 For Sale

Balado Site – For Sale

Building Plot 17: £67,000

(Subject to Planning)

Here is an existing design: the Fairhaven “pole house” in Australia. Meanwhile half way around the World at the former RAF Balado (brownfield build site) in the UK., Unique Property Bulletin (click here) believe an updated version of this design would be near-perfect for Plot 17…

^^ Fairhaven Pole House, Australia ^^

A similar design at Balado would

not have such a high height off of the ground.

But it would cure the site slope.

Plus protect against the small river flooding.

As we are frequently reminding folk, water features are very nice, but for safety sale to avoid flooding, it is a very good idea to make sure your home is well above any flood risk.

^^ The Original Architect Would Be Our First Port of Call ^^

The theme of this house is mirrored inside at the home-office work station.

This property was specifically built to solve the problem of a tricky sloped site. It is located at Fairhaven in Australia.

=> Such is the imaginative quality of design solution for a steep-slope building plot, that this specific property has become iconic.

=> Popular all around the world as a fascinating place to live, day or night...


^^ The Fairhaven Pole House ^^


Following three years of pandemic, during which many folk discovered the enjoyment of working from home and spending quality time with family, especially seeing your children grow, there has been a definite migration in favour of home-working. The site at Balado is very good for communications, both electronic and logistics of road + rail + air. This site appears ideal on many levels .

=> Plot 17 at Balado also overlooks a very nice stretch of water.

The site has many picturesque views…

^^ Plot 17 Is To The Left of This Photo ^^

With Views Across The Water

This is the excerpt from the main title deeds that indicate what part of the site is being sold (identified officially as “Plot 17”)…

^^ Plot 17 As Per The Red Outline ^^

Includes access rights across the driveway

shaded light brown, in perpetuity.

The internal design is, of course, a matter of personal taste. But for the purposes of this example and to gather some inspiration, here are the photos of the internal layout plus design of the Pole House in Australia…

^^ Inside The Pole House is Contemporary & Bespoke ^^

^^ Balado Will Not Have Such Height ^^

Good if you are prone to vertigo!

We have one riverside building plot for sale at Balado. This is a “brownfield” site and that should make the planning process a lot easier for such a unique newbuild home.

^^ Video of The Original in Australia ^^

This is one of our all-time favourite unique properties and we believe “Plot 17” would be a very good UK site for such an iconic home…

^^ Plot 17 Former RAF Balado Base, Scotland ^^

Not just an iconic home with a view across a very nice piece of water. For your friends who are visiting, you have quite the landmark to navigate by: a 60 foot high golf ball (Radome)…

^^ Plot 17 Former RAF Balado Base ^^

Plot 17 is to the Right of This Picture.

Aerial Photo Courtesy of Mr Andrew Masson.


Plot 17 At Balado

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More details about the Fairhaven

style of  Pole House…

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