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Sannox Bay Hotel For Sale

Reasons why the Isle of Arran is the busiest island on the entire west coast of Scotland.

Almost 1,000,0000 visitors to Arran in 2018 (here). Just 13 hotels on the island

This page is an important work-in-progress to help our Sannox Hotel project progress beyond the current injury of one of the company directors. Fortunately we can still assist if and when contacted by the new owners of the Sannox Hotel.

^^^ Corrie & Sannox Golf Club & Course ^^^

Photos & Details…

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^^^ Lamlash Golf Course ^^^

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Into climbing those mountains? Sannox Bay Hotel is one of THE places where many mountaineers end up staying once they walk back down Glen Sannox, Hence UPS25 spending a great deal of time and effort on high-spec., insulation. To keep the property warm and dry whilst not costing a fortune in heating bills.

Atop the highest peak: Goat Fell. Brodick Bay to the left with Holy Isle peaking above it.

Mountain climbing is such a major attraction that the biggest retail shop in Brodick is dedicated to this venture.

For visitors of lesser mobility, the popular Mogabout vehicle provides special access to normally remote and unseen areas. 

UPS-HQ would highly recommend booking an hour or three on this expedition if/when you visit your hotel at Sannox.

Ideal for young and old and those with mobility issues.

For the more adventurous, here is something you can do which gives you a great view of the island and Sannox Bay, plus the Sannox Bay Hotel which can be seen (very small) at the lower centre of the baby airplane photograph…

This page is a work-in-progress.

More additions and updates during the rest of August 2021







Drone Photography On Arran

This is new to Aran, but due to the scenery and subject matter is becoming very popular. This video starts by the Sannox Hotel…


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Sannox Hotel + Village Shop + Owner’s House Details

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