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Rather than have 44 pages to cover each renovated room (bedrooms + public rooms + restaurant + tea room + shop etc), this page features one of the six completed guest bedrooms. We forensically show the work on this example of bedroom 5. It looks like an ordinary bedroom. It is. But completely renovated and you may be surprised at how much work is invested in each of the rooms at Sannox Hotel. 

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 5 ^^^

(With Ensuite Shower Room & WC)

Even if you are in a rush, just skim through the 26 photographs on this page and you will get the idea! The hard work has been competed. Your job is to add the personal design preferences. Then re-open the hotel.

We started by sorting out a new roof on bedroom 5 (and others). The rest of the roof has been thoroughly overhauled. This and many other rooms have been enlarged. New walls; new floor; new plumbing; new central heating; new rewiring; new fire safety system (fire head still to be fitted to the ceiling pyro-cables which you can see in the next photo). New double glazing. New doors (all fire rated with intumescent strips).

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 5 ^^^

The cables at the ceiling are the new

fire safety system heads being installed.

Neutral colours on the wall. Plaster protocols observed. All ready for the new owner to bring in their style and finishing elements.

The current owner had borrowed bedroom number 4 across from bedroom 5 whilst onsite. For this page, we literally have a guest appearance of another completed guest bedroom to show you how close to re-opening this building is...

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 4 ^^^

All freshly and thoroughly restored. Just needs new carpets and final furnishings to the specific taste of the new owners.

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 4 ^^^

Bedroom 4 is one of the ones with a “poor view”. Though, even the bad-view-rooms (and all hotels have them) are none too shabby…

^^^ The View From Guest Bedroom Number 4 ^^^

We are delighted to show (briefly) the other completed hotel guest bedrooms. Over at bedroom number 1, we did have new carpets fitted as our specialist contractors needed a few hours kip before catching the early morning ferry back to the mainland…

^^^ Aft Deck: MV Isle of Arran ^^^

We have made strenuous efforts to keep all contracts and work on the island.

But for specialist contracts, such as the bespoke double and triple glazing units, there are no manufacturers on Arran, and it helps to be able to keep these visiting work colleagues safe during lockdown.

Crucially, we can make best efforts keeping the island safe in case someone comes over from the mainland that is asymptomatic, but carrying the crappy-virus (all travel and building materials delivery/installation are within the pertaining rules), but it can happen.

The best policy is to keep a physical distance and barrier between contractors and islanders. Which is why we arranged temporary onsite beds for these brilliant gentlemen and ladies of the glazing industry…

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 2 ^^^

We simply ensured that visiting mainland contractors did not mingle with islanders during the Covid pandemic. Our mainland contractors are billeted in the actual hotel to avoid passing the virus onto islanders. Our policies on this are very strict and they work. An outbreak on one of our mainland sites was prevented due to our Covid safety protocols: here.

^^^ Guest Bedroom 2 & Its Ensuite Bathroom  ^^^

On a local level at the Sannox Hotel, sadly we have had to suspend our policy of showing neighbours and visitors around the hotel as the restoration progresses. This is for everyone’s safety during covid.

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 1 ^^^

This is a sample of where we are with the guest bedroom renovations 

^^^ Guest Bedroom 1 & Its Ensuite Bathroom  ^^^

The best views in the hotel are from bedrooms 1 & 2…

^^^ Guest Bedroom Number 1: The View ^^^

The view from guest bedroom number 2 is similar.

The pandemic has caused so many businesses a challenge and the least we can do is provide free accommodation for those VIP contractors who go out of their way to help us renovate Sannox Hotel and in the long run, help create new jobs.

We are lucky to be able to provide free accommodation to the VIP contractors as there is no debt nor mortgage on the building.

We have been very fortunate in that it is our group company policy to ban mortgages on any of our buildings and prohibit bank debt. Partly to do with the founder of our Argyll Group plc losing a good friend to debt-suicide (here).

As there are no mortgages on any of our hotels nor indeed any of our shops, offices, garages nor factories, we can afford to help the good folk who have been helping us during these strange Covid times.

Added to this business policy banning debt from our buildings, this helps ensure a very strong liquidity and cashflow position , this has stood us in good stead for many years.

We would heartily recommend this way of running your business if or when you are able to go mortgage-free for yourself.

If you think about it, your ownership of a house + hotel + village shop could reach the stage where in the future you might consider leasing the hotel and shop at the date you choose to retire. That means a very useful addition to your pension income.

We have seen this at various times over the past 33 years re-opening closed shops/hotels/offices/factories. It is an excellent way of helping the next generation get started in business whilst making sure your generation have more than £82 per week state pension to survive on (£137 maximum IF you meet ALL the criteria which many haven’t: here).

Also the way the State Pension AGE that you can retire keeps getting moved towards 90 years (here), the more and more folk are taking matters into their own hands. Owning an income-producing property such as Sannox Hotel + Village Shop may mean you can retire at 60 and not 75 years of age which is the direction of government travel right now.

No apologies for digressing to pensions and banks as these are two parts of everyone’s life can cause much misery. Yet both have cures that are within your reach. 

If you look at the hard work that has already been completed for you at Sannox Hotel ~ just view the photos to the end of this page and maybe the next set of pictures, you have the opportunity to stamp your own design preferences on this building and then map out a way where you can escape the clutches of the banks and retire earlier than might otherwise be the case.

Once the mortgage is paid off, and your pension advisor may help you with that, then if you do get a bad year, you just end up with a few weeks of beans on toast. No bank debt means no worries about increased overdraft fees ~ or worse.

It is an awful fact, but banks such as RBS employed certain senior managers who went rogue and killed off viable businesses to steel their assets…

This is shocking conduct by RBS and requires to be remedied.

We will deal with this later.

RBS is one reason we ban mortgages on our company assets.

Click Here For RBS Documentary Precursor

However, this is a slight digression from the work at hand: renovating a closed down hotel to reinstate a local amenity and bring some new jobs at a business sector where “staycations” are becoming ever more popular.



An example of the…


When we bought the Sannox Hotel in 2018, it was well overdue a major renovation.

There are 42 rooms in this building (click here).

Every one has, or is being fully renovated. Our planning application to increase the number of guest bedrooms from 3 to 6 was approved by North Ayrshire Council (here). Rather than have a 44 page brochure, we are including one guest bedroom. Bedroom number 5.

^^^ Bedroom Number 5 ^^^

Located at the back of the Sannox Hotel

Here we have a fairly straightforward set of…

“before” + “during” + “after” photos…

As always, we start with the roof. Getting rid of the leaks and any wet-rot is a very important  priority. Fortunately the hotel is clear of dry-rot. In fact there was remarkably little wet-rot.

First the nasty looking bit underneath the damp patches. The coloured lines drawn on this set of photos were to help complete the long list of back-to-bricks work as Covid arrived and more “remote working” has been required. Especially in terms of the main Schedule of Works. Here is one example of roof replacement/repair…

^^^ Roof Above Bedroom 5 ^^^

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

The source of the damp was an old chimney and a dilapidated earlier repair work. When hotels are open and running, they are notoriously difficult in having repair remedial work completed between guests moving in and out. Often it can end up a make-do-and-mend approach. If that happens to leaky roof areas, it risks becoming a problem. Fortunately, this was caught in time and repaired to a reasonable standard, including a heavy gauge lead throughout the roof repairs. 

^^^ Bedroom 5 ^^^

An example of the work completed on each of 44 rooms.

Please note: this hotel is a SIX guest bedroom property. Plus a new staff bedroom and of course the new owner’s house with a double bedroom included there.

In total 8 bedrooms.

The 44 rooms refers to the entire hotel, including public rooms, the new village shop, the restaurant, and the tea room etc.

This is not just a narrative about selling a hotel that we own. There are useful points within this experience from which other readers, friends and colleagues can benefit.

The fact that there is no debt, no mortgage and a positive cashflow with 100% shareholder ownership means we can easily afford do do the remedial jobs when they come up; and to do them properly.

It is well worth our friends and colleagues reading this to consider ways in which you can become clear of mortgage and debt as soon as possible.


Our experience from 33 years doing this is whenever a building requires remedial work, then it doesn’t actually cost that much more to do the job properly. 

The previously installed zinc valleys and roof fittings don’t do well in salt air. We really prefer lead. Yes it is a little bit more expensive, but we have a fantastic roofer and the enjoyment of seeing a job done well, with high-quality materials is a pleasure to behold. Knowing the pesky leaks have been cured is hugely reassuring.

Here is the roof above bedroom 5 after new wood + treatment  + new lead and tiles were…


We Have Been Lucky With Securing A Decent Roofing Contractor

Exceptionally Talented With The Leadwork

Inside also began to take shape once the roof leaks had been properly cured…

^^^ Bedroom 5 Drying Out ^^^

After Leaky Roof Was Fixed

Just looking at these photos makes the entire crew at Scotslion shudder.

Multiply this by four dozen rooms!

Then multiply that again! By four walls plus a ceiling and floor for each of the 44 rooms. 

That is an mind boggling 264 building surfaces and that is before we factor in a new rewire and central heating and plumbing…

New insulation will make the hotel economically more viable as it will be less expensive to heat. 

^^^ Freshly Plastered Walls ^^^

Of these 44 rooms, there are 176 walls requiring fresh plaster and 44 ceilings. The total was at least 220 surfaces. But as you can see, some walls have three or four angled and parts with “character“. A plasterer’s dream job!

These numbers may help inform our prospective buyers of the works undertaken at Sannox Hotel.

Buying a “lot of bricks for little money” is an attractive proposition when comparing commercial property prices with residential, but it is wise to factor in the renovation costs and crucially make sure you leave yourself a contingency reserve for last minute things It’s all worth it in the end as bringing one of these buildings back to life is very enjoyable. 


The old floor was repaired and new floor boards installed where needed. Then to ensure a high quality carpet adhesion and durability, a marine ply wooden overlay was installed.

Brand New Bespoke Double Glazing

All up to fire regs, and building control regulations. 

The red pyro-cable hanging from the ceiling is a new, state-of-the-art regulation fires system being installed.

This Is The New Bedroom 5

There is a new ensuite bathroom and private w.c., too.

Plus 44 more rooms.

Every one has had a significant amount of work invested into it.

Bedroom 5 Awaits New Carpet & Bedroom Furniture.

Hopefully these “before” and “after” photos of are helpful and reassuring to prospective buyers.

A great deal of effort has gone into this 44 room building and we are keen to see it re-open.

Just a little bit sad that it won’t be one of our directors doing the honours and managing the place when the re-opening time happens.

Worth mentioning at this point the actor Richard Wilson spent a lot of time in his youth at the Sannox Hotel. It used to be called the Ingledene Hotel and that is what Mr Wilson recalls it as.

We understand it may be possible to have Mr Wilson preside over the re-opening ceremony. That’s if he is still answering his old dog and bone…

^^^ Mr Wilson Used To Spend His Summers At Sannox ^^^

At the Ingledene Hotel. This was the

previous name of the Sannox Hotel.

Our company, Scotslion and our shareholders from Argyll Group Private Equity (formerly Argyll Group plc) are well  able and keen to complete the renovation if the new buyers wish us to.

Or we can amend the final sale price if the new buyers wish to complete the finishing touches themselves. In which case we will look at reducing the final price accordingly.

Sadly, we just no longer have a sufficiently able bodied director able to manage the hotel once it is re-opened.

That is unfair on visitors and locals. Hence our decision to find a new owner who is up to the challenge that this triumvirate of home + job + hotel + shop offer.


If you have any questions, please…

TEXT in the first instance to: 0757 2768 795.

Thank you.


Sannox Hotel + Village Shop + Owner’s House Details


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