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Latest Purchase: The Sannox Bay Hotel, Sannox, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD.

Immediately: Two general labouring positions are available during the refurbishment. Thereafter, once the hotel is fully reopened, the business will have catering and leisure industry employment for suitably qualified and experienced hotel staff (hiring from March 2019).

First, and from right now (July 2018), we have the following employment available…

TWO GENERAL LABOURER JOBS – with specific experience in painting, decorating and light joinery skills. Ames taping ability is not mandatory, but it is a definite advantage. Full clean DVLA driving licence is ideal. Fixed term contract: 6 months.

One position: unskilled (£8.11 per hour). The other: skilled (£9.55 to £12.20 per hour). Wages commensurate with qualification and experience.

The opportunity exists for either post to be made permanent as our company will be looking at further purchase and renovation projects on the island. For details of past projects completed, please read some of the case histories on this website:

As of September 2018, we are currently negotiating to purchase a second (closed) commercial property on Arran requiring refurbishment. So if you are looking for a new job, the signs are good that the 6 months’ work at Sannox will continue onto the next, and future projects. At this stage we cannot guarantee the two jobs will be permanent, but for the right candidate with the requisite skillset, we are now on our 28th restoration project, so the likelihood of these positions becoming permanent is favourable.

We also have immediate…

CONTRACT WORK at the Sannox Bay Hotel for appropriately qualified  and certificated electricians + plumbers + plasterers + roofers.

If you wish to apply for one of the two positions of employment, or contract for the roof/plumbing/electrical work, please write to:-

The General Manager, Sannox Bay Hotel, Sannox, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD.

Or text us on: 0793 557 2803.

If you are applying for one of the two jobs, please send a CV first.

Thank you

Sannox Bay. The Hotel Is Second Building In From The Right

Scotslion Ltd., is one of a dozen companies within our group structure. Our aim is simple:-

1] To purchase empty shops; closed down hotels, redundant factory units. Then refurbish them and provide newstart business with working capital and mentor these enterprises back into a meaningful existence. Thereby achieving our groups second objective…

2] To create jobs.

The Sannox Bay Hotel has been closed down for two years and is our latest purchase spanning a 20 year period. It is our 28th project to date.

Our target date is to…


Once the refurbishment stage is completed, there will be 6 permanent jobs at the hotel…

Sannox Bay Hotel + Sand + Sea + Scenery + Lots of Island Adventures

As for the Sannox Bay Hotel refurbishment, we shall be making efforts to increase the accessibility for people with disabilities. Three of our wider group of 366 shareholders and Scotslion/RDD\Argyll Group members have had various spinal surgeries and wish to visit the Sannox Bay Hotel. Plus it is incumbent upon us to ensure the premises are disability statute compliant.

We aim to have the hotel fully renovated and ready to reopen in time for Spring 2019. The guest bedrooms and dining facilities along with kitchen and rest-rooms will be completely refurbished.

Firstly, and most importantly, we have to repair and overhaul the roof at the hotel. As well as sorting out a damp proof course and provide modern day specification insulation for what is a substantial building. There is a lot of work onsite, but we are confident that the hotel can be brought back to a meaningful life.

In addition we are considering the provision of a hotel SHOP. A modest facility where local residents of Corrie and Sannox, along with hotel guests and visiting members of the public can buy a pint of milk, a newspaper, some groceries and a selection of normal village shop items.

Our Scotslion/Real Dragons’ Den group believes strongly in helping to keep local communities alive. Anyone who has read this website will understand it was local community desire to reopen closed buildings in local villages and towns that prompted us to start buying old closed buildings and renovate them. Thereby creating 107 jobs so far in the 20 years that these projects have been running.

A viable and fully functional village shop is one of the ingredients in helping to sustain the cohesiveness of local communities. Any local resident who has returned to their home in Sannox from shopping at Brodick and realised you have forgotten to buy a pint of milk can be particularly frustrated. A village shop halfway between Brodcik and Lochranza is not too big a thing to ask for.

Before any naysayers suck their teeth and gripe that a village shop will not work, we would simply point out that our group of friends have reopened many closed shops and made many successes. If the overheads are kept right down and the shop managed well – plus local folk and visitors use it, then it will be viable. The saving grace for many shops we have helped reopen is the internet. The general retail element (customers through the front door) will help pay the overheads such as electricity/telephone/wages. If you add some internet retail into the mix, this can mean the difference between being viable and not.

If in doubt, check out our sister internet website (here).

That internet website bought our lighthouse station. Not a phrase you often hear. Surely this is proof positive that the world wide web is a powerful resource.

Why not harness that e-commerce resource to keep village shops open?

Only one way to find out? Open the hotel shop in March 2019 for a trial 6 months. If it is utilised and supported by local folk, then we will keep it going. If not, then it shall have an interesting, real life lesson to study and learn from. More details on this website in due course.

View From The Sannox Bay Hotel – July 2018

External Disability Access Is Good. Internally We Need To Improve This Element

One of the other key features of modern day life – including hotels – is the internet and virtual presence. We have now been fortunate in securing the lapsed domain name…

So if anyone wishes to see the latest news and update, we shall be ensuring the hotel’s internet site goes live during the next few weeks. Please be patient whilst we get the dedicated Sannox Bay Hotel website back into full service.

Until the website is fully functional, we will post any updates on this, our Scotslion website. Please check back regularly for news,

The Sannox Bay Hotel has been kept in good condition during the period of closure…

Sannox Bay Hotel – Ensuite Bedrooms Still In Good Condition

Although a redecoration plus new furniture and carpets will be part of the 2018/2019 refurbishment.

Sannox Bay Hotel: Ensuite Bath & Shower Rooms

Along with the good parts of the hotel, there are also significant headaches areas requiring a significant amount of repair work…

Previous Owner In The Middle of Refit

Sadly, the work started by the previous owners was unable to be completed. The hotel and it’s owners/staff had a first rate reputation for excellent cuisine over their 14 years in business at this site. But the hard work seems to have taken a toll. Anyone who has run a hotel knows it is a great life, but not a job for anyone allergic to work. Just keeping a 100 cover restaurant plus a the bar and the rooms in a full operational state is hard enough.

Trying to maintain the building after a 16 hour day running the hotel had its challenges.

The fabric of the Sannox Bay Hotel is needing significant repairs in various areas such as the flat roof at the seaview lounge…

The Flat Roof Ceiling Coming Down Is Good

It is obvious that there is a fair amount of work to do by the state of the patchwork tar and felt atop…

The Old Flat Roof Has Had Its Day. A Major Overhaul On The ‘To Do’ List

The reason we are comfortable with what might seem a bad thing, is it confirms to us exactly what work is needed. Especially the fact there was no insulation in the old flat roof.

If you own a roofing company of good repute and can overhaul the flat roof to the required standard, including new insulation, please get in touch: 0793 557 2803.

So now, during the closure period, we can attend to the needs of the building. The parts of the hotel currently requiring works, such as damp proof course, modern day insulation, replastering and redecorating shall be included in the Schedule of Works.

Please don’t forget, we are looking to hire two people to work with our team to help refurbish the building and also have several contractor led items to complete. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, if you know someone suitably qualified, please can you let them know we are currently hiring.

Not just new jobs at the Sannox Bay Hotel refurbishment. We are already looking at other projects on the Island of Arran to reopen closed buildings and create jobs. There is a real buzz when we get to the stage of reopening and everything comes together. Where ever you are in the UK, we would highly recommend you give this sort of thing a go. This is the 28th project we have tackled. and with the exception of just one (a brief tenant who went off the rails), it has been great fun. 

The Conservatory Is In Need of Repair & Overhaul

This page has been updated during July 2018 and we are still at the early stages of sorting out telephone numbers, painters + decorators + plumbers + roofers etc. There is a very long “to do” list. More news will appear on this page and also the dedicated hotel website in due course.

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P.S. Facebook Is Awful

We did try and advertise these local jobs on the Isle of Arran Facebook pages. Mark Zuckerberg’s company seem to be anti-jobs. Ordinary decent folk – the sort that read and pay for Facebook would likely approve of new jobs being created. We cannot fathom what labyrinthine rules we may have fallen foul of from this social network.

Banned By Facebook….

Yet Facebook allow hate filled excrement on their website to click-bate interest in their nasty posts that they host to boost advertising revenue with a decidedly questionable business model – as recently exposed by Channel 4 (here). But try to post a job advert and you get rejected.

Well we can respond in kind. After spending over £1,000 this year with Facebook, we are stopping. No advertising money to Facebook.

We are quite content to stop advertising with Facebook.

After Mr Zuckerberg’s wooden performance in front of the United States Congress (here) and the EU (here), his company’s share price shrivelled. Actually it has taken a nosedive and looks like a dramatic cliff-edge. Not good for Mr Zuckerberg’s shareholders…

Eventually enough paying customers such as ourselves will just STOP spending money on Facebook.

Remember Friends Reunited? That social media phenomenon was sold to ITV in 2005 for £175,000,000. Just 4 years later in 2009 Friends Reunited was flogged to DC Thomson for £25,000,000.

That is a £150,000,000 loss.

Many companies of the genre that is Facebook have crashed (here).


We Prefer The Arran Banner

Fortunately there is an alternative way to advertise new jobs – in a proper newspaper. On our island, we have one of the best newspapers in the world….

Not just a subjective opinion from ourselves, but a fact. The Arran Banner has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records…

Even one of our lot was moved back in March 2018 to say thank you to the Arran Banner…

So tomorrow, 30th July 2018 we will advertise the jobs in the Arran Banner.

It may be that we are witnessing the demise of another bunch of internet dot com bubbles as the likes of Facebook are shown to have questionable methods on the recent Channel 4 documentary.

Why does this matter? Well during the past 20 years a group of friends have enjoyed creating jobs (107 so far) and will continue to do so. But when the likes of Facebook block job adverts and promote some dire, disgusting click-bait detritus, then good people start to reconsider whether there is a better way than Facebook.

In fact here are two…

For island folk, we have the Arran Banner.

For an alternative to the Facebook page for Arran (old archive: here), it costs about £20 to set up a …

Dedicated website to replace Facebook for Arran jobs + sales + wants + events etc.

It is more than likely there is a website dedicated to Arran. If not, then we will be spending that £20 and making progress in creating an alternative to the dubious Facebook..

£20 Buys A Website. Replacing Facebook on Arran?

It even has a picture of Brodick castle on the RBS note!