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The best contact method is

TEXT: 0757-2768-795.

New landline being connected to the new Arbroath HQ soon.

Check back very soon for details.

Correspondence for Scotslion Ltd. + Argyll Group Ltd. + Real Dragons’ Den Ltd.,

Abbey Studios Business Centre, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.

If you prefer to email, please text your email address to us at…

TEXT: 0757-2768-795.

and we will reply promptly.

We don’t publish our email address on the public website as spam robots hoover these up and then plague our inbox with dozens of offers for PPI claims + knock-off handbags, little blue pills and other questionable offers! If you own a website, maybe consider not publishing your email address as it saves a lot of headaches. Genuine folk will understand and make the effort to get in touch via text.

Thank you.

Please note, the former Argyll Group plc was effectively taken private by our core group of 365 former shareholders of Argyll Group plc (before it became Argyll Group Private Equity) and 33 high-net-worth individuals. The administrative and nominal company co-ordinating various acquisitions and refurbishments is Scotslion Ltd.

It should be noted that our policy is to establish a stand-alone dedicated company for each building that our group purchases. Therefore net asset value (NAV) profiling is challenging to external visitors. We are very happy to explain these details and protocols to folk wishing to reopen their own closed shops, industrial units and empty hotels.

Kindest regards,

The Scotslion Team

New HQ premises.

Currently being renovated...

Abbey Studios Business Centre

280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF



Header Photo: This is Noss Head Lighthouse Station and was where our HQ used to be based. However, we had to choose a town to make the point that High Streets do NOT have to die and we like renovating buildings and creating jobs. Unfortunately Highland Council were not at their best and we struggled to get any response for pre-planning enquiries when Homebase at Wick went bust (here). We tried and tried to get pre-planning for an out-of town unit by Wick Tescos. But when a council doesn’t answer their phones the councillors are effectively costing their constituents jobs.

We wish Highland Council good luck and are happy to inward invest into the Highland Council area. But not until Highland Council get their act together.

Next on our list for inward investing and job creating was a choice between two council areas we found have been VERY GOOD: Either Angus Council or North Ayrshire Council.

North Ayrshire Council already have 11 new jobs in the pipeline with 16 more depending on planning permission.

In fairness, it was time to inward invest within the Angus Council area.

So the next 20 new jobs we have for the new HQ and business incubator unit goes to Angus Council.

The simple fact is that  those people who create jobs are under NO obligation to invest in specific council areas.

When a local council hands a business that creates jobs some respect, then that is reciprocated and new investment is made within that council area.

For our part, we believe there is a future in High Street shops, there is still a need for a village shop of a demand to keep the last hotel in town open.

It makes a huge difference to which projects we pick to renovate and help create new jobs as to whether the local authority support newstart businesses as we do. Or if the local authority is, quite frankly, not overly good at doing the basics, then we have a situation where the likes of, Argyll & Bute Council and Highland Council lose out, whilst North Ayrshire Council and Angus Council gain jobs.

In times of Covid19 with 800,000 extra folk unemployed, those business people who help create jobs will be expecting better from some councils whose staff and elected officials need to shake themselves up a bit and do a better job themselves.