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The best contact method is

TEXT: 0749-597-5784.

New landline being connected to the new Arbroath HQ soon.

Check back very soon for details.

Correspondence for Scotslion Ltd. + Argyll Group Ltd. + Real Dragons’ Den Ltd.,

Abbey Studios Business Centre, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are donating office space to the not-for-profit volunteer group…

Lives & Livelihoods Ltd., Abbey Studios, 280 High Street, Arbroath, DD11 1JF

If you wish to email, please text your email address to us at 0749-597-5784 and we will reply promptly.

We don’t publish our email address on the public website as spam robots hoover these up and then plague our inbox with dozens of offers for PPI claims + knock-off handbags, little blue pills and other questionable offers! If you own a website, maybe consider not publishing your email address as it saves a lot of headaches. Genuine folk will understand and make the effort to get in touch via text.

Thank you.

Please note, the former Argyll Group plc was effectively taken private by our core group of 365 former shareholders of Argyll Group plc (before it became Argyll Group Private Equity) and 27 high-net-worth individuals. The administrative and nominal company co-ordinating various acquisitions and refurbishments is Scotslion Ltd.

It should be noted that our policy is to establish a stand-alone dedicated company for each building that our group purchases. Therefore net asset value (NAV) profiling is challenging to external visitors. We are very happy to explain these details and protocols to folk wishing to reopen their own closed shops, industrial units and empty hotels,

Just text or telephone: 0749-597-5784.

Kindest regards,

The Scotslion Team



Header Photo: This is Noss Head Lighthouse Station and was where our HQ used to be based. However, we had to choose a town to make the point that High Streets do NOT have to die and we like renovating buildings and creating jobs. Unfortunately Highland Council were not at their best and we struggled to get any response for pre-planning enquiries when Homebase at Wick went bust (here). We tried and tried to get pre-planning for an out-of town unit by Wick Tescos. But when a council doesn’t answer their phones the councillors are effectively costing their constituents jobs.

We wish Highland Council good luck and are happy to inward invest into the Highland Council area. But not until Highland Council get their act together.

We were tempted to invest back into Argyll & Bute Council, but that council area is a DISASTER.

We condemn Argyll & Bute Council’s use of cowboy wild-west bailiffs.

During the 10 year period where we purchased 14 closed shops (mostly in the Campbeltown area as this is often neglected by Argyll & Bute Council’s Kilmory Castle overpaid seat-warmers) we found Argyll & Bute Council’s conduct disgusting.

In addition to the 14 closed shops we renovated and re-opened + 2 closed hotels + 3 closed industrial, our efforts in creating the 111 new jobs were almost permanently hindered, obstructed and abused by a council that we felt was rotten beyond recovery.

Hence withdrawing ALL investment from that council area.

It was an appalling experience when Argyll & Bute Council sent their abusive bailiffs to our HQ office for our commercial tenant’s private council house debts that were NOTHING to do with our company.

At that point we were a public limited company (plc). Council bailiffs attended our offices without lawful authority for council debts belonging to our commercial tenant’s private dwelling.

With a plc shareholder base, we had some explaining on why our HQ assets were threatened by out-of-control rent-a-cops with little or no adequate training in the law.

If any tv company wants to commission a new television series…

“When Bailiffs Go Bad”

We would happily contribute.

Likely Channel 5 with their penchant for poverty-porn fly-on-the-wall docu-soaps.

Any company other than Channel 5 and we will be happy to invest in their TV company.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS’ CSA debts were not and are not our responsibility. The maladministrative conduct at Argyll & Bute Council’s Kilmory Castle cost the good folk of Campbeltown + Oban + Lochgilphead many new jobs. Please remember that when voting for your cooncilors. They get remunerated well, whilst you get evicted with out-of-control council bailiffs screwing up the entre local economy.

FORTUNATELY, none of our subscribers need invest in Tammany Hall type of places that would fit well within the likes of Argyll & Bute Council’s domain…

Argyll & Bute Council criticised after Audit Scotland investigation: here.

Political mess: here.

Civil Service mess: here.

Argyll & Bute Council still failing: here.

We can invest in other local authority areas that are run by professional and in a competent and efficient manner.

There are some VERY GOOD folk that work in Argyll & Bute Council. But this council have many damning questions to answer.

Fortunately Argyll & Bute Council SEEM to be improving after formal audits: Source: Click Here. and here.

Next on our list for inward investing and job creating was a choice between two council areas we found have been VERY GOOD: Either Angus Council or North Ayrshire Council.

North Ayrshire Council already have 11 new jobs in the pipeline with 16 more depending on planning permission.

In fairness, it was time to inward invest within the Angus Council area.

So the next 20 new jobs we have for the new HQ and business incubator unit goes to Angus Council.

Though we are a little uncomfortable now with Angus Council as one of our subscribers had a stroke and the two wannabe Iain Duncan-Smith women in control of the Blue disability badges decided that this person had gotten so much better after the stroke that they removed his Blue Badge.

Angus Council’s actions led a stroke survivor to miss several hospital visits.

Angus Council, you are on your FIRST WARNING. Two more and the 20 new jobs get moved away from your area and over to a council where the nastiness of SOME of your staff no longer needs to be tolerated

Angus Council, you are on your SECOND WARNING. We have completed and sent the required forms and satisfied your colleagues that our companies qualify for the statutory rates relief at the building we bought in your council area on 28th February 2020.

However, your system has failed to recognise this and in spite of our providing evidence that your council have given our 20-new-job-creating-company a 100% NDR business rates relief on our new HQ building in Arbroath, you continue threatening to send the bailiffs in to recover a debt that should not exist. The problem appears to originate from an idiosyncratic registration at the Scottish Assessors Office. Our SINGLE building appears to have historically been TWO buildings joined into one. We have repeatedly advised Angus Council that the business rates relief forms have been completed and ACCEPTED. Yet your organisation’s right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

Angus Council, do you want the 20 new jobs or not?

Please sort yourselves out and get a grip.

Others seem to have had serious problems with Angus Council: Click here. Backup: here.

Voters with the Angus Council area, you might like to let the leader of your council know about the risk their council conduct is having on new jobs in your area.

Angus Council elected leadership: Click Here.

Angus Council civil service leaders: Click Here.

The simple fact is that  those people who create jobs are under NO obligation to take incompetent behaviour from any local authority.

One more infraction by Angus Council of decent and professional conduct and this company shall be ceasing the investment in Arbroath and regenerating another town centre where the local authority is competent and wants the jobs.