Abbey Studios Business Centre

Offices For Rent

We are delighted to advise the latest High Street renovation project with offices/shops available to rent at affordable prices is now available for viewings inside…

^^^ Abbey Studios Business Centre ^^^

280 High Street Arbroath, DD11 1JF

Rents range between £29 per week to £78 per week. The average is £49 per week for an office in this building. We also have shops for rent at other parts of the town.

These offices are…

Ideal for estate agents looking to reduce their High Street costs and gently move a portion of their business online where many estate agents are now migrating to.

Plus you already have a customer with our company as we have regular properties for sale. That may well help reduce your rent to near zero, Particularly if your estate agency can list our properties for sale/rent onto Rightmove.

Indeed a move from your expensive High Street branch elsewhere in town to an office where your costs have been reduced dramatically and your staff can work happily from home may be just the boost you need in these tough times.


These offices are also good for solicitors, mortgage brokers and accountants. Especially for smaller companies who work from home but perhaps because of family members with underlying health issues it would be better to have a separate business office than continue with your clients visit the spare room in your house to sign the annual accounts etc.

This specific Abbey Studios building extends to several “big window” offices around the corner from the High Street and provide a great advertising space for your business. 

Office space at this location, right opposite the national landmark Arbroath Abbey are easy for your customers to find and provide a decent start to any new (or grow existing) business with the average rent being just…


per office per day.

If your business idea cannot sustain the primary overhead of rental at a very competitive £7 per day (with NO business rates to pay), then perhaps think of a different business to build!

^^^ 1 James Street ^^^

The photo above was taken before the major renovation work in 2020. There are now 17 fully refurbished offices. All with high-spec insulation, “covid-safer” ventilation, replumbed, damp-proofed, rewired replastered, newly decorated and carpeted. The roof has been completely overhauled and during September 2021 we are at the final “snagging list” with the anticipated lease commencement” dates as soon as October 2021. Here is an example of a completely renovated office. Completely redecorated and with new carpets. You can provide your own furniture or we can arrange this for you.

^^^ Abbey Studios Business Centre ^^^

Fully renovated offices average £7 per day.

Long or short term leases.

(3 months to 3 years and more).

For folk with underlying health issues that want to get free from the house and back to the office, we have “covid-safer” designs so that visitors outwith within your pandemic “safety bubble” are properly and hermitically sealed form visiting you and “accidentally” barging into your office. This ingenious, but simple hermetically vented (to outside) mini hallway between the corridor and your workplace with visitor window and intercom helps solve the worry many folk have. Some large open-plan offices are happy to provide a sheet of perspex between co-wokers. The new “D” variant of Covid tends to go under, over or around these perspex sheets. Better to do the covid safety job properly…

^^^ Abbey Studios: Covid-Safer Office ^^^

Not all offices have this extra facility.

We can arrange it if needed.

Please note the secure door and visitor window (plus intercom) is so you can have business visitors and face-to-face meetings. These are conducted much more safely than a bit of perspex which covid tends to blow under over and around reaching the recipient in an unwelcome manner!

Stay safer.

The style of office in the photo above is £49 per week.

^^^ Draft Artwork For Signwriting ^^^

This building is very easy to locate in Arbroath.

It is 22 feet from the iconic and well sign-posted Arbroath Abbey.

We anticipate the fire-safety and covid-safety systems to be signed-off along with last minute “snagging” during September 2021.

The official opening will be October 2021 (pending lockdown removal becoming permanent).

It has been a long in journey getting 17 units from this dilapidated and sad looking property back to a useful existence…

^^^ 280 High Street As Bought ^^^

^^^ Awaiting Professional Signage ^^^

In harmony with the earlier sign due

to being in the environs of a listed building.

Not just this one window segment, but a large, three storey building with 17 offices was laying empty and rapidly falling into disrepair. Within a few days of purchase, the roofworks had already begun, the scaffolding was up and the dangerous, broken windows were boarded and then replaced..

From this..

^^^ 280 High Street ^^^

Now Named: Abbey Studios Business Centre

As of September 2021 we are awaiting final “snagging” and last-minute fitting out. Most importantly the commissioning of the new fire safety and alarm systems. Also with Covid safety stations for hand wash and related sanitation.

^^^ 280 High Street ^^^

Abbey Studios Business Centre

We anticipate re-opening this fully renovated building during September 2021.

Office rents range from £29 to £78 per week, but average £49 per week…

If you would like to view one of these offices right now, please contact…

Mr David Rutherford via ~ Tel/Text: 07791 342 742.

Please note: we also have several individual shops under renovation and these are also available for rent. Please just ask.

^^^ 258 High Street, Arbroath ^^^

Currently being refurbished.

Very competitive rent once completed.

Our programme has 12 empty shops to be renovated in Arbroath during 2021/2022.

Thereafter 15 x (empty) High Street shops in a random town from England, then Wales and eventually Northern Ireland as part of a forthcoming television series.

To View These Offices & Shops

Please contact…

Mr David Rutherford via ~ Tel/Text: 07791 342 742.