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For example: Office rentals at Abbey Studios in Arbroath: Click Here.

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Sadly, due to injuries sustained by one of our directors, he is unable to re-open and manage the Sannox Hotel. Consequently, we are placing this property up for sale. It is a beautifully located hotel on the island of Arran… 

^^^ Sannox Hotel ^^^

As at the date of this update, 12th August 2021, the Sannox Hotel renovation project is approaching 85% completion of a major two-year long, “back-to-bricks” restoration and enlargement. Including the planning permission that was granted: click here.

=> We are able to quote two sale prices to assist with the circumstances and choices of whoever buys this grouop of buildings. 

The first price is for a fully completed set of three parts…

=> The Hotel + Shop + Newbuild House. All three elements fully renovated and the final 15% of works to the specification of the new owner in a “turnkey” condition….

=> The sale contract will stipulate a defined Schedule of Works that both seller and buyer are happy with. All three parts shall be completed and ready to move into: Offers over: £795,000.

It is important to understand the extensive Schedule of Works that has been progressed to the present day over the past two years. In effect, seeing the hotel pretty much rebuilt. Plus include the planning permission for the newbuild owner’s dwelling. To see the documented and ample series of photographs, please check out the various pages...

=> Newbuild Owner’s Dwelling: Click Here.

=> Example: 1 of 6 En-suite Bedroom Rebuilds: Click Here.

=> Example: Hotel Restaurant Rebuild: Click Here.

=> Plan Drawing of 42 Rooms In Main Building: Click Here.

=> Example of Arran Attractions & Activities: Click Here.

If you would prefer the option of purchasing the hotel + village shop + owner’s home “as is” and complete the works yourself, then…

The second guide price we quote is…

=> All three parts sold on an “as is” basis. Offers over: £685,000.

This option may be helpful for buyers who might like to alter some of the layout or change the structure to an “apart-hotel” basis. This is becoming a very popular format as significant numbers of holidaymakers opt to have a “staycation” style holiday. For a significant number of folk, they prefer the privacy of their own bedroom with a small kitchenette, plus en-suite bathroom and lounge in order to maintain a safer Covid style of holiday.

We have an excellent planning consultant who obtained the first planning permission. His knowledge base is encyclopaedic and we would heartily recommend this gentleman to all prospective buyers who may chose to alter the current planning permission to suit their own specific preferences.

As a guide, the provisional discussions we have had, would provide an “apart-hotel” format that takes into account customer references in these Coronavirus pandemic times. The amended layout would provide:-

=> 5 x Apart-hotel suites.

=> 1 x Owner’s house.

=> 1 x staff apartment.

=> 1 x Cafe with covid-safer garden dining facilities to add to the number of guests being served.

=> 1 x Village shop.

Please Note: this is a draft suggestion in response to a question about covid-safer apart-hotels we have been asked from three different enquirers in the past four weeks. A new owner would require to change the current (6 x en-suite guest bedroom) format and that would require an updated planning application.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

View across the salmon/sea trout burn to the Firth of Clyde.

It is important to note that even though we are at the 85% completion stage ~ this project at Sannox is still a…

=> Work in progress.

=> The interiors are all well-progressed towards the re-opening phase.

=> The exterior will soon be landscaped and the building painted, readying the hotel for re-opening.

We may temporarily “pause” the final 15% of renovation work as the new owner will have their own design ideas and requirements that will need to be incorporated into the sale agreement.

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

Clear, turquoise tinted sea, with mountains behind.

As well as a current “staycation” boost in holiday accommodation demand, it is worth mentioning that the island of Arran benefits from a 2 to 4 week shoulder season boost as many university students from all over the country visit for a week or two as part of their geology degrees (here and here). This is due to Arran’s unique rock formations and structures.

Due to the popularity of the island of Arran, folk from the mainland (as reported: here), have been visiting. There have already been two separate offers to buy the Sannox Hotel from us.

=> The first offer was subject to planning permission to turn Sannox Hotel into 3 x two-bedroom  holiday homes.

=> The second offer was to convert the hotel into a luxury home.

=> We politely declined both offers.

The directors of Scotlsion and the Argyll Group of companies have spent 22 years creating jobs. There are 6 to 11 new jobs at Sannox Hotel when it re-opens for business. These would be lost forever and so would the hotel amenity if we just accepted the unsolicited offers from holiday-homers or speculators. Our unwell director may be 135 miles away from Arran and with his family on the east-coast (north of Dundee), but he still wants to see Sannox Hotel and the new village shop + post office come to fruition. Too much time, effort, work and money have been invested since buying the dilapidated hotel 3 years ago. 

^^^ Sannox Hotel, Island of Arran ^^^

Condition as bought on 28th February 2018.

Fast forward to now, July 2021 and in order to preserve this building as a hotel and re-open the local amenity, both of these offers were politely declined. Fortunately there is no mortgage on the hotel, so we have the grace of time and financial comfort in matching the buyer who is looking for this specific sort of rural property and beautiful location. We are happy to consider assisting buyers with some of the finance if this is of help. 

^^^ MV Caledonia Isles Ferry At Brodick on Arran ^^^

Photo copyright (c) 2021 Argyll Group Private Equity. Formerly Argyll Group plc.

Local contractors on the island have been very good helping get the project this close to completion. Sadly our designated director is not fit enough to realise his ambition to return to the island where he grew up and complete his life at Sannox Hotel. This is so close to the old Blackrock House Hotel where he lived as a youngster and started his first job.

=> Our objective now is to locate a suitable person or couple to take over this unique opportunity at the renovated Sannox Hotel + Village Shop + Owner’s House.

=> Our group of companies are more than happy to complete the Sannox Hotel restoration. Specifically the final fitting out to the design and style as desired by a new owner. Or they are, of course, at liberty to arrange this for themselves.

We just won’t be able to provide one of our own team to manage the re-opening and running of the Sannox Hotel.

The restoration phase is inexorably moving towards the re-opening date. This will be an exciting opportunity and wonderful life for someone who has been contemplating their future during the past 15 months of Covid pandemic lockdowns.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise why so many folk are now looking to migrate away from major cramped coviddy-cities and lockdown-towns to more rural areas. Our sister website, Unique Property Bulletin (here) has had a fourfold increase from city-dwellers who seek a gentler, more rural life with increased freedom away from the pandemic. Indeed we received a hundred enquiries each day for the first two weeks we featured a water tower property in the outer Hebrides (here).

London Underground: Almost Impossible To Safe-Distance

The Lethal Covid Lottery Runs Rife

^^^ Escape To The Country ^^^

^ Photograph (c) 2021. Kindly on license from PA Media/Alamy Ltd ^

“Escape To The Country” may be an old television series perhaps, but it is one with a new twist. If you are thinking of moving to Arran, then please think about creating some jobs!


You are warmly invited to visit with us here, at this website on 12th July 2021 (9pm), at which time the FULL set of SALE details for Sannox Hotel + Shop + House will be uploaded for you to see the work from the last 24 to 36 months with your own eyes. Meticulous records have been kept of the progress. .

If you would like a reminder for when the Sannox Hotel sale details are available, please feel free to pop your email address into the pop-up box (the thing that annoyingly lurks about the computer coding of this website!)

Please remember, the penultimate price we shall be uploading here on 12th July 2021 is for the completely renovated hotel + shop + newbuild house. For a turnkey-ready set of buildings. 

There is something enigmatic about living on an island. Every time you get on the ferry to go home, there is always a frisson of excitement.

For some perspective, this ferry can carry 1000 passengers and 110 cars. Yet it looks tiny compared to the magnificent mountains of the island of Arran…

^^^ MV Caledonia Isles Ferry, Sailing From Arran To The Mainland ^^^

^ Photograph (c) 2021. Kindly on license from Elizabeth Leyden/Alamy Ltd ^

A considerable number of mountaineers exit their adventures via Glen Sannox. On arriving at the main road that circles the island (A841), these mountaineers turn right and a few paces along the road, they reach the Sannox Hotel. Many are keen for the hotel to re-open so they can imbibe a warm beverage and decent meal along with an ensuite bedroom to rest in for a night or two. If you’d just been up those mountains in that photograph, then you’d maybe feel the same about some food and rest. 

If you have any questions about the Sannox Hotel on Arran, or arranging a (PPE protected) viewing, please telephone or…

TEXT: 0757 2768 795.


Sannox Hotel

Sale Details…

Click Here





From £23 to £79 per week

Average: £49 per week

^^^ Abbey Studios Business Centre ^^^

280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF

Scotslion/Argyll Group have been fortunate enough to have created 151 new jobs during the past 22 years. The directors have been creating jobs for a somewhat longer period.

=> A key aspect to helping tenants succeed, is to keep to our rents competitive and affordable whilst providing the highest quality properties possible.

=> Is your business idea worth £7 per day in rent (business rates exempt)?

If we can get empty buildings back into useful life and create jobs, there is a good chance you can too wherever you live. Our favourite process is to buy a closed buildings and renovate the tired old property into a useful and productive building again. For example: 280 High Street, Arbroath…

Removing the old, damaged plasterboard and empty voids between offices. Then properly insulating these areas with high specification architect recommended R45 batts (here).

Plus a full rewire + replumb whilst the old panels were being renewed…

… fire safety coompliant protected and fire alarmed…

They can then become a pleasure to work from…

^^^ Completed Offices: Ready To Rent ^^^

Abbey Studios Business Centre

^^^ This is the latest Scotslion renovation & job-creation project ^^^

It could be “Anytown” in the UK. We are currently looking for 30 x High Street “anchor” sites such as this.

This will become a business incubator unit. Whether you are starting a completely new business, or perhaps have a growing company that is getting too big for the spare bedroom or garage at home, We aim to help you.

$700 Billion Apple Inc., DID Start Out In This Very Garage

But a lot of work was done at the next premises as Steve Wosniak explains: here

A little bit of myth, but has a decent amount of truth for many fledgling businesses.

The next step is for us to help nurture the small businesses from the Abbey Studios Business Centre and buy larger, bespoke property for our tenants. Once each has a decent set of accounts, they can either buy the shop, or garage or light industrial unit off of us or for many, they are happy to continue renting.

The key to helping businesses grow into viable entities is keeping the rent low/affordable and providing wise counsel whenever it is needed.

We have made our fair share of mistakes in the past and learned enough to help our tenants avoid many pitfalls.

A key to success is to keep a close eye on your costs. Always endeavour to ensure income exceeds expenditure. Build up your cash reserves and savings.

One way to do that is to rent premises on, or adjacent to the High Street and do this at 50% of the cost of your competitors.

This real-life example: start out at £23 to £49 per week for one of these ground floor offices (with big window publicity)…

^^^ Fully Refurbished Office At £7 Per Day ^^^

Available For Viewing Now: July 2021

Bookable and Ready To Rent: August 2021

Easy In/Out Terms

Rents from £23 to £79 per week.

TEXT/TEL: 0757 2768 795


Earlier projects Completed by Argyll Group plc

Completed Projects

Within the pages of this website, we share ways where you can join your own community efforts to help reopen empty shops, closed down hotels, defunct industrial units and other disused premises.

This Could Be Your Town

If we can buy + renovate + tenant and re-open shut-shops

We are sure many of our readers can in their towns too.

The High Street does not need to die.

We can stop this: Click Here.

Plus create jobs and enjoy the process.

But all of this page may be regarded by some as just words written on a website.

As luck would have it, we can prove the words here work. We already managed to bring a High Street back to life 15 years ago. It is not rocket science.

This website and the companies that support it have all been established to bring the High Street back to life: to find ways to reverse the plague of village shop closures. We give some real-world examples. Plenty from our back-catalogue of 30+ direct projects and the wider 78 buildings, will be added here regularly. So it may be worthwhile for your own inspiration and efforts to check back in with us here at this website from time to time.

The next example dates back to 2002. It was the worst pub in town and had been closed down and become semi-derelict. We relish a challenge…

Condition Before…

Condition After…

The interior of this old, derelict pub looked dire. It was notoriously dark and miserable – even when it was trading as a pub. The entire building was transformed after several months’ hard work. The interior having every wall, floor and part rebuilt. The exterior was also overhauled; including new double glazed windows from a local company. Where possible, we make best efforts to buy locally and employ contractors from within the community.

In the instance of this old pub, of special importance was to banish the dark, notorious, seedy interior elements…

Condition Before…

Condition After…

12 Jobs Created

A blot on the town centre landscape became very busy and useful again.

The old pub was turned into a coffee shop and became busier than we could ever have imagined. An accidental success.

Not least but the purchase and eventual resale figures may be of interest to readers elsewhere in the country who are considering renovating eyesores in their town centres. The old, 3 storey public house could be located in Anystreet at Anytown across the UK. The net profit from this renovation project was then paid forward to the next job-creating endeavour.

Argyll & Bute Council are to be commended for their support in the planning process to transform a closed useless building into what became a very popular coffee bar and restaurant.

Scotslion director, David Rutherford spent 8 months between 2005 and 2006 project-managing the renovation works at this derelict pub site in Argyll and commented…

“It took a great deal of literal blood, sweat and tears to get this dingy old derelict pub back to a decent use. We were all surprised at how busy the place became and how soon the business grew.” 

There is no shortage of closed shops and empty business premises. The internet giants such as Amazon and Ebay have nudged great institutions such as Woolworths into bankruptcy (here in 2008). In the Woolworths example we site, their old, closed shop buildings still exist. Indeed many have re-opened under different owners (here).

That is the point: shop closures do not have to be permanent. Don’t you submit to letting the last pub; last bank or last shop in your village close.

If our group of friends and colleagues can do this and become unintended business angels, perhaps you might like to do something similar in your community? Bringing life back to closed buildings and businesses where you live.

Since 1999, the subscribers of this endeavour have renovated and re-opened dozens of closed business premises so far. Currently in excess of 151 new jobs created by what started out as a small group of family and friends. Then became a public limited company.

Our intention on this website is to narrate many of the actual, real-life adventures completed by our small group. We aim to help others, if and when they consider dipping a toe into their own community, where old, tired empty buildings need to be brought back into a meaningful life.

To make all of this building renovation and job-creation effort work, a core project-management team with the requisite skillset is essential.

To illustrate a fact that most regular folk can make a difference, we have a full spectrum of folk involved in these projects. Including…

Airline pilots, doctors, army officers, harbourmasters, firefighters, master mariners, teachers, farmers, police officers, IT consultants, chief engineers, Royal Navy officers, authors, movie crews, merchant navy officers + sailors, solicitors, venture capital specialists, accountants, G.Ps., Q.C., nurses, electricians, joiners, plumbers, university lecturers and paramedics amongst a distinguished list of professions within our tight-knit group that has now grown to 106 friends who participate directly.

This grew to  our wider shareholder base across the full spectrum of companies that total 585 HNW and sophisticated investors. This enables us to ban bank borrowing, eliminate mortgages and have a positive cash-flow situation which we believe is the future and comes from the old fashioned past.

Why? Because, in the olden days, people saved up and invested wisely without leveraging themselves and borrowing bank money to the point where disgraced banks and bankers who would have thrown women and children out of the Titanic’s lifeboats to save their own selfish skins run amok repossessing viable businesses and killing off jobs that we have had to step in and rescue. If you want a real shock, read about the bank CEO’s appalling behaviour: click here.

By eliminating our bank-debt and banning mortgages on any of our buildings, we have found the benefits can be passed onto newstart businesses without corporate greed drowning the lifeblood out of good, decent job-creating people.

All of this can help make a lot of High Street magic happen.

When good people join together, a lot of job-creating and viable projects happen. Refurbishing and reopening closed buildings. The part where new jobs are created gives every one of us a thrill and can become addictive. Twenty-two years after the first project and we are permanently hooked. We all have jobs in other industries/sectors. We just choose to have this hobby as one of our favourite pastimes.

There is a real buzz each time a sad and tired old building is brought back to life.

That energy is boosted immensely when there are new jobs for folk created in the process.

Two Closed Shop In Alyth, Perthshire Renovated & Reopened

Book currently out of print.

Online edition being made ready during 2021.

Whether accidental success or planned, please don’t let your town centres just die off through lack of interest. We hope the various projects being added to this website help to inspire you to consider buying that last bank or pub or shop in the village and having an adventure getting it re-opened. Just pick up a copy of Yellow Pages and study the thousands of businesses in there. Surely one would fit in that closed down premises near to you.

Are you willing to take on the challenge of bringing you village/town back to life?


Lighthouse Picture At The Head of This Page

Readers may wonder why Scotslion Ltd., has a lighthouse building at the top of our website and also affixed to the work vans and on signboards at the location was based. But we struggled to get any replies to pre-planning application via Highland Council

We hope Highland Council can get their staffing issues sorted out soon as we have a small regional office project in Caithness right now that is gearing up to create 20 new jobs in Wick…

More news of this and much more soon, here, at the this website.

Best wishes, The Scotslion Team.