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We are currently updating our Scotslion Ltd., and Real Dragons’ Den Ltd., website to include details of the 28th renovation project….

Sannox Bay Hotel, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD

During the last 20 years, our group of business angel and venture capital mentors (eg here) have worked to renovate 28 closed down buildings/businesses. It has been a delight to create 111 new jobs in the process. The aim of this website is to help other communities to take action and stop their high streets, towns and villages from having the social fabric die. Once the shops, hotels and public houses all close down, places become a shadow of what they once were. We aim to reverse that trend. 

Sannox Bay, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD

Initial Hotel Renovation & Planning Application Details…

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For the full content, including details of our previous 27 building renovations and 111 new jobs created, please check back to this Scotslion + Real Dragons’ Den website soon.