Register Interest

Consider Registering An Interest

In A Hotel~Room~Ownership Building

You can register your interest in viewing a Hotel~Room~Ownership Bedroom (ensuite) to buy at any of the hotels we list.

To “reserve” a purchase~option on any of the hotel-rooms we have available, or even just ask any questions, please feel free to get in touch…

Text: 0757 2768 795.

Telephone: 01241 852127.

We would recommend that if you fancy a hotel-room, then you “reserve” it (no obligation) pending your arranging to travel to the building and see whether it suits your needs and vice versa.

=> You will be met and shown the hotel by a keyholder NOT a sales person.

We believe it important to give our buyers the grace of space and time to look around a building in their own time without some pushy salesperson being an irritating distraction whilst you are at the building to study whether it is of interest to you.

Castle Hotel Bedroom & Remote Computer Work Area

Ideal For Digital Commuting (here)

^^ £39,000 To £89,000 Per Bedroom ^^

100% Full-Share NOT Time-Share.

Location “3” on Our Map: Click Here.


We dislike Time-Share and particularly the high-pressure, expensive Time-Share sales people employed in that industry. Hence creating our ew, more secure Full~Share effort.

Truth be known, we prefer the gentler way of life where the worst that can happen is a Face-time video call gets interrupted by a mischievous Grandson discovering his Dad has gone to answer the front door and left the Ipad camera thingy in the kitchen where the young, short mischief-maker can tip-toe high enough to find out when pocket money might be forthcoming…

A cheeky wee face and his four-legged pal discover his Dad left the Ipad camera-phone unattended. Mischief time ensues!



We GUARANTEE that for our Full-Share properties, and in fact all of the buildings we own, you will NOT be getting stalked with a litany of sales calls, before, during or after a viewing.

=> If you are still interested, after your visit to the hotel of your choice, then we respectfully invite you to get in touch: Text//telephone: 0757 2768 795, or the landline telephone: 01241 852127.

If you are not interested then we wish you all the best and shall leave you in peace.


You may have gathered (the correct) impression that we do NOT like “Time-Share”. The whole system is controversial and mired in dubious practices, including the “high pressure sale calls.”

Our view is we do NOT like receiving unsolicited pressurised sales calls and would not wish to inflict that telephone plague on anyone.

=> So we PROMISE you will NOT be getting unwanted calls from us. By all means you are welcome to phone us if you have questions. But please rest assured we will leave you in peace.





Old Fashioned Royal Mail

If you prefer the pen and ink,

here is our main address in the north...

HRO Manager, Scotslion Ltd., Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JP.